Artist Statement


My deep rooted interest in the landscape of Suffolk and surrounding countryside has grown over a period of 35 years.


The flatness of the terrain, the big skies, and the unique light combine with how seasons, weather, and time, affect the landscape. These are the forces that drive me as an Artist. The changing colours and textures resulting from living farm land are a constant source of joy and inspiration.


The spiritual aspect of the area is an important element to me : the landscape is steeped in history from the early Vikings, to more recent times to World War 2.


The land is ideal for airfields due to it’s flatness and was extensively used by U.S. Forces and the  R.A.F. All this is still evident today and is still evocative.


The wildlife reserves, such as R.S.P.B. at Minsmere in Suffolk, and the Fens of Cambridgeshire are rich sources of inspiration, and all contribute to my love of the area..


I do not look at areas within a landscape in terms of what would make a “good picture”, but rather feel a sensation that the place may evoke.


In the same way that taste, smell, or hearing a particular piece of music may effect one’s senses, my paintings are based to a large extent on a combination of memory and on the spot drawings and watercolours.


Roy Rodgers

Minsmere Beach. Photo: Artist's own.

The Reed Beds in Minsmere. Photo: Artist's own.